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    the living Tombstone and Scott Cawthon we FBFS :D anyway Sotty boy over there told them some hit's for there song just like how he did for us and there you have his first song of FNAF.

    when the sec. game came in Living tombstone also did a little gametheory there self's too OOOO about the childs mom and how she lost him and how he is now a zombie he's dead but not alive ether Mind bowled.

    now for everybody they said that 3 songs was enough but this one is one of my BEST ONES!!! :D this one has a lot of animation on it and I love it so L.T said ok guys and gals this is are last one so thankyou for watching but.....

    TADA just like scott they surprise us YAY!!! but if you hear the interments than you can see that this is a mix of FNAF 1-2-and 3…

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